Advanced Teeth Whitening

The World’s Newest And Safest Whitening Gel Technology

Newest & Safest Technology

Unless a whitening gel is chemically designed for light activated acceleration you might as well put a LED torch into your mouth and expect teeth to whiten. Truth is without the light activation catalyst, results will be much less than what they could be unless a much higher and unsafe level of Hydrogen Peroxide is used.

  • Little risk of sensitivity
  • No burning gums
  • No swollen lips
  • No enamel damage
  • No allergic reaction common with high strength peroxides

Fast Results

The Beyond Polus Advanced Teeth Whitening Accelerator is the fastest way to boost your confidence and get the white smile you’ve always wanted.

Our results are instant and after the one hour treatment you’ll leave looking fantastic! We use the Beyond Polus whitening system, which is renowned as the best whitening system in the world, 7 years running.

Affordable Treatments

Perfect for those that have heavy staining caused by diet/lifestyle – smoking, tea, coffee, red wine etc. Or for tetracycline staining caused by antibiotics.

Premium Whitening Treatment


one time fee

Each 1.5 hour appointment consists of a pre-whitening consultation & shade test followed by 4 x 15-minute whitening cycles.

Top Up Treatment (recommended every 6 months)


every 6 months

Includes 2 x 15 minute top up cycles

Bring A Friend


discount each. $50 saving.

Bring in a friend, get your teeth whitened together and save $25 EACH. That is $50 of savings and you both get to go home with a bright, white smile!!

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