About Us

Here at Smile Tech, we offer the safest most technologically advanced Teeth whitening system available, to enable your teeth to become the whitest and brightest they can be.

Our Technicians are NZCTWA, New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Associations registered practitioners.

We have extensive knowledge, training and experience in the teeth whitening industry and have invested in the best teeth whitening system on the market, winners of the best teeth whitening system 7 years in a row.

We Guarantee Every Treatment

Smile Tech will get your teeth to as white as they were before years of eating & drinking staining foods & beverages discoloured them.

One thing we are absolutely certain of is our world-leading BEYOND system, combined with the latest photo exciting whitening gel technology, will always get your teeth as white as they will naturally go, whiter than LASER.

Because not all teeth are created equal, nobody can predict results, however, in the unlikely event your teeth do not whiten AT ALL  Smile Tech will not charge any fee.

Affordable Treatments

Perfect for those that have heavy staining caused by diet/lifestyle – smoking, tea, coffee, red wine etc. Or for tetracycline staining caused by antibiotics.

Premium Whitening Treatment


one time fee

Each 1.5 hour appointment consists of a pre-whitening consultation & shade test followed by 4 x 15-minute whitening cycles.

Top Up Treatment (recommended every 6 months)


every 6 months

Includes 2 x 15 minute top up cycles

Bring A Friend


discount each. $50 saving.

Bring in a friend, get your teeth whitened together and save $25 EACH. That is $50 of savings and you both get to go home with a bright, white smile!!

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And get your new white smile before you know it.