Frequently Asked Questions

How white will my teeth be after the treatment?

Whitening results can vary depending on the severity and nature of your stains, everyone has teeth which are a different shade of natural whiteness, we can never whiten your teeth more than their natural colour, and some people have naturally whiter teeth than others.

Our treatment will be tailored to produce the best whitening results possible, with an appropriate whitening schedule to meet your individual needs. If we do not whiten your teeth, you will not be charged for the procedure.

How long should I expect my whitening results to last?

This varies from person to person and depends on your diet and lifestyle, the whitening results typically last from 6 months to 2 years. We recommend 6 monthly touch-up treatments for patients who consume coffee or other staining foods and drinks frequently or who use tobacco products.

How long does the treatment take?

For most whitening cases, our Power Whitening treatment is 60 minutes long. Treatment times may vary depending on your individual whitening needs.

After the treatment, how do I care for my whiter smile?

For the first 24 hours after the treatment, a “white diet” is recommended and you should avoid using tobacco products and consuming coffee, tea, cola, red wine and other dark-coloured foods and drinks. Avoiding using coloured mouthwashes or toothpastes is also recommended.

Who can undergo the BEYOND® award winning Power Whitening treatment?

BEYOND® produces dramatic whitening results for any patient who wants to whiten his or her teeth. The treatment is most effective on patients with extrinsic stains caused by food, drinks, or tobacco products.

However it is also an effective treatment for teeth with intrinsic tetracycline, fluoride, and age-related stains, the hydrogen peroxide in the BEYOND® whitening gel helps fight plaque and creates a cleaner and healthier oral environment. Treatments are not suitable for those: Under the age of 16 (we may allow the treatment with parental consent) Pregnant or breastfeeding (this is precautionary as there have never been studies on potential risks for treatments done on those pregnant or breastfeeding.) Those with gum conditions such as Gingivitis. Leaking fillings, cavities.

Will it whiten my existing crowns or veneers?

Whitening treatments can only whiten natural teeth and cannot change the colour of porcelain crowns, veneers, or composite fillings. However, it will take them back to their original shade.

Is it safe?

Yes, our award winning, Power Whitening treatment is 100% safe. The Whitening Accelerator uses and innovative LED technology and advanced light filtration system that removes all harmful heat exposure, ensuring your comfort and safety and reducing the risk of you experiencing sensitivity during or after the treatment. Scientific research has shown that the active ingredients in the BEYOND® Teeth Whitening Gel are very effective and extremely safe for cosmetic tooth whitening. In a recent clinical study our whitening gel was scientifically proven to be Safer than Orange Juice. The dental community has used these ingredients in performing teeth whitening for more than 130-years. Teeth Whitening gel was first used to whiten teeth in 1884 and although more than 130 years have passed, there has never been a recorded case of any hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel damaging the enamel of a healthy tooth.

Will the procedure hurt?

New Cosmetic strength whitening gels use a 6% – 12% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel formula. This is the recommended limit for controlling sensitivity among clients. Any higher strength gel than this will undoubtedly result in more cases of sensitivity from the whitening treatment. If you usually experience teeth sensitivity we recommend using de-sensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne for 10 – 14 days before the treatment.

Scaling and polishing

Scaling& polishing can produce some gum recession and/or detachment of gingival (gum) attachment fibres, which can expose the dentin at the tooth’s base. Also Normal healthy teeth can become transiently more sensitive than usual because it usually removes the shielding pellicle layer coating from the tooth enamel. Therefore, if you are having a Dentist Scale & Polish your teeth, we ask that you wait 10- 14-days for your gums to come back and the pellicle layer to re grow before your whitening procedure.

Pregnant or breast feeding?

All Teeth Whitening is ‘Contraindicated’ for Pregnant & Breast feeding persons; That means, these factors serve as a reason to withhold a certain treatment during this time. Until scientific research says yes or no, certain products are ‘Contraindicated’ as an unproven safety risk.

Affordable Treatments

Perfect for those that have heavy staining caused by diet/lifestyle – smoking, tea, coffee, red wine etc. Or for tetracycline staining caused by antibiotics.

Premium Whitening Treatment


one time fee

Each 1.5 hour appointment consists of a pre-whitening consultation & shade test followed by 4 x 15-minute whitening cycles.

Top Up Treatment (recommended every 6 months)


every 6 months

Includes 2 x 15 minute top up cycles

Bring A Friend


discount each. $50 saving.

Bring in a friend, get your teeth whitened together and save $25 EACH. That is $50 of savings and you both get to go home with a bright, white smile!!

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