How Does Teeth Whitening Work

When it comes to teeth whitening, your teeth have two basic elements:

  1. The Dentin is the actual ‘tooth-bone’ that gives your teeth their natural white colour.
  2. The Enamel is clear and ‘glass-like’; the enamel ‘clothes’ the tooth Dentin.

Enamel can be likened to a glass window that we look through to see the natural white colour of our tooth Dentin below the enamel. Because the enamel of your teeth contains millions of microscopic pores, over the years of consuming unprocessed compounds from food, drink and tobacco, this causes discolouration & staining in the tooth enamel.

Whenever the enamel ‘window’ is stained it veils the natural white colour of your teeth and your teeth appear yellow or darker than they naturally should.

Teeth Whitening happens when the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen molecules, which enter through the porous enamel (microscopic pores) to the dentin. It is the Dentin that provides the tooth its ivory-white colour. These oxidising molecules enter the microscopic pores of the enamel and bleach the coloured substances so that the natural white-ivory colour of the Dentin can be seen clearly.

The enamel pores usually remain open for up to 24 hours after treatment. It is therefore recommended that only very light coloured food and drink are consumed over this post whitening period to avoid re-staining for the next 24 – 48 hours.

Image below shows how porous the Tooth Enamel is under microscope.

Affordable Treatments

Perfect for those that have heavy staining caused by diet/lifestyle – smoking, tea, coffee, red wine etc. Or for tetracycline staining caused by antibiotics.

Premium Whitening Treatment


one time fee

Each 1.5 hour appointment consists of a pre-whitening consultation & shade test followed by 4 x 15-minute whitening cycles.

Top Up Treatment (recommended every 6 months)


every 6 months

Includes 2 x 15 minute top up cycles

Bring A Friend


discount each. $50 saving.

Bring in a friend, get your teeth whitened together and save $25 EACH. That is $50 of savings and you both get to go home with a bright, white smile!!

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